Bolbere (Aaron)

Ceremonially banished Greybeard of the Prince's personal Sapper Corps



  • Prince Burik made me swear an oath to ensure the crown came back to him. My banishment ends when the crown rests on Burik’s brow.
  • If dwarves were meant to travel the oceans, The Maker would have crafted us with fins and gills. I will not set foot on a boat.
  • Sinspawn deserve no foothold in this world. With the help of that sniveling human worm, Gurgan, and the coward Piotr, I will found an army of outcasts to destroy any foothold they may have in this world!
  • Oath – I swore to Liaren I would find her upon my discharge and be with her, the laws of our peoples be damned!


  • I1 – When outnumbered, light the fuse.
  • I2 – Always be ready for battle.
  • I3 – When on watch, build munitions.

LPs: Born Artificer -> Ardent -> Soldier Axe Bearer -> Greybeard; Age 77

Stats: Wi B4 (0/1), Pe B5, Po B5, Ft B5, Ag B4, Sp B3

Attributes: Hea B5, Ste B6, Hes 6, MW B11, Circles B2 (0-1-0), Res B0, Greed B2

PTGS: Su B3 Li B5 Mi B7 Se B9 Tr B10 MW B11

Traits: Chuffing (Char), Humility (Char), Healthy (C-O), Landlubber (Dt) (I’ll change this last one if you don’t think we’ll be hitting the water any time soon, but I’d like us to end up crossing the ocean or riding a river or hitting the sea or something)


Dwarven Rune Script B2 Fire Building B2 Soothing Platitudes B3 (0/1/0) Forage B2 Axe B4 Throwing B3 Conspicuous B2 Intimidation B2 Field Dressing B5 Command B3 Munitions B3


10 pt relationship with Prince Burik, brother of VKM 5 pt relationship (-2 for love, -1 for forbidden) with Swordsinger Liaren of the Elven Protectors


Dwarven Arms (Two Light Axes, a Sweet Axe, and an Iron Cased Bomb), Dwarven Chainmail, Dwarven Munitions toolkit, Dwarven Field Dressing kit, Clothes, Travelling Gear, Sturdy Shoes


Bolbere (Aaron)

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