A'ir the Clanless (Dusklighter)

Tainted former Artificer and Runecaster



  • The fates tell me I cannot beging to be considered truly dwarven untill the crown is returned to the clans. I shall use what ever power I must to return it.
  • Honour is personal, not granted by others. Everyone has their reasons for thier actions. I have no problem with the so-called honour-less as long as they are true to themselves. I will prove that the “honourless” are not actually so.
  • The sorcerer my use blasphemous arts, but such terrible things are what I need to protect my clan. I will learn all he knows.
  • I swore to my wife that I would not return until I deserved my beard once more; I will cleanse myself in the in the sacred lakes of Silara.
  • Always consult the runes, they have the power to guide every action to the outcome desired by the fates.
  • Never decline a request toread someone’s fate.
  • Always scavenge for useful trinkets.

Lifepaths: Born Artificer, Tyro, Rune caster, Tainted One

Stats: Pow B4, Agil B5, Forte B5, Speed B4, Will B5, Per B5

Attribute: Health B6, Reflex B4, Steel B6, Corruption B1 (1/0/0), Hes 5

Skills: Dwarven Rune script B2 Black metal Artifice B3 FireBuilding B2 RuneCasting B4 Scavenging B2 Sinspawn Wise B4 Sorcery B4 (1/0/0) Inconspicuos B3 Hammer B3

Traits: Determained, Slave to Fate, Filthy, Dark Gift, Beardless, Dreamer

5 pt relationship with wife Baztia Ornora, who refuses to see him until he is clensed (-2 romantic, -1 forbidden)

3 pts for travelling gear, clothes, and well shod boots 10 pts on Dwarven Tools (Cast Iron Runes)

12 pts on Fire Fan 12 pts on Havoc’s Hand (If I can make it so it turns my hand into a caustic hammer rather than a venomous blade, or something) 8 pts on Falcon Skin


A'ir the Clanless (Dusklighter)

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